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Boruto is son of Naruto ( no need to tell that, right?) , Boruto has this unique personality which is contrasting in comparison to Naruto. But while we’re reading/watching boruto now we’re confused about his eye. It’s not a Byakugan as one can tell it easily. It’s not sure if its a Tenseigan or not as he has not got that eye transplanted from a Byakugan wielder. For now Let’s just say its a visual jutsu ( dojutsu ) with which he can see flow of chakra.
Currently we’ve only following information about Boruto’s eye.


At the age of eight, Boruto could only subconsciously activate a visual jutsu in his right eye, which is featureless in appearance (with a darkened sclera in the anime). It grants him the ability to detect things such as chakra which is generally unseen by a normal eye. Several years later, he was shown being able to activate it at will, along with black markings across his right arm and face.


Boruto was able to communicate with Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s dying spirit. As Momoshiki explained, it was because he possessed the blood of a Byakugan wielder.
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