Top 10 Greatest Action Anime According to their Rank

Anime and Manga are still revolutionizing the fictional world. But depending on the different genre of anime these days its very controversial to post such a list

following list is going to be all about action, so here is a list of top 10 action Anime

10. The Seven Deadly Sins



Ghouls are terrifying creatures which feed on human flesh. When Kaneki is almost killed in an attack, he transforms into a half-ghoul, half-human hybrid and is forced to adapt to their lifestyle in order to survive.

Review – The Seven deadly sins is a good action anime ongoing these days with a good plot story. It includes everything a viewer wants. I would definitely buy it but it will rank a little low in my list.

9. Akame Ga kill


A countryside boy named Tatsumi set on a journey to The Capital to make a name and met a seemingly dangerous group of Assassins known as Night Raid. Their journey begins.

Review — “”FEELS”” this anime gives you action soaked in bag of feels. Includes lot of deaths, assassinations and sadness. If you don’t wanna be sad then don’t watch this anime.

8.Tokyo Ghoul


Ghouls are terrifying creatures which feed on human flesh. When Kaneki is almost killed in an attack, he transforms into a half-ghoul, half-human hybrid and is forced to adapt to their lifestyle in order to survive.

Review – AH! Another one with a “feels ” content. Tokyo Ghoul is haunting anime, well we are still expecting its next season but its previous season gave us so much that we couldn’t even expect. Definitely one should watch it.

7.Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood


Two brothers search for a Philosopher’s Stone after an attempt to revive their deceased mother goes awry and leaves them in damaged physical forms.

Review – Ask someone who have watched FMA:B , “what’s your favorite anime ?”
“Full Metal Alchemist” they’ll reply for sure. One of the greatest anime that got completed in few no. of episodes. Great plot, Great Action and Everything you can expect.

6.Attack On Titan


After his hometown is destroyed and his mother is killed, young Eren Jaegar vows to cleanse the earth of the giant humanoid Titans that have brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

Review – I get sad Every time I watch this anime. Damn you FEELS. I going to discuss next one.

5. Hunter X Hunter



Gon Freecs a young boy aspires to become a Hunter, an exceptional being capable of greatness. With his friends and his potential, he seeks for his father who left him when he was younger.

Review – Just one word, “Awesome”. I bet it could have rivaled the very top anime of anime universe but due to several long breaks and incomplete story it was unable to do so. But it still rank at this position despite all that so, are getting what I’m trying to say?

4. Bleach


High school student Kurosaki Ichigo is unlike any ordinary kid because he can see ghosts. After an accident with a hollow, he got a power.So begins Kurosaki Ichigo’s training and duty as a Shinigami, Soul Reaper.

Review – Bleach you can say is totally packed with action and a great plot. Bleach is the anime that gives you best fight scenes. Those sword swinging shinigami’s are coolest thing to watch.

3. Naruto Series



Twelve years before the start of the series, a powerful creature known as the Nine-tailed Demon Fox attacked the ninja village Konohagakure, decimating many people. In response, the leader of Leaf village’s ninja military – the Fourth Hokage – sacrificed his life to seal the demon inside his newly born child Naruto Uzumaki. Leaf village, however, regarded Naruto as if he were the demon fox itself and mistreated him throughout most of his childhood. The plot tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, now a adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and dreams to become the Hokage, the ninja in his village who is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all.

Review – Action, Adventure, Story, Emotions, Mythology ? what do you desire in anime you watch. Naruto series basically gives you everything. And the best part is you never forget even a little part of the story because of so much flashbacks in anime. This anime is hated for its filler content most but its loved even more than that for its story.

2. Dragon Ball Series


Follows the adventures of an extraordinarily strong young boy named Goku as he searches for the seven dragon balls. These balls, when combined, can grant the owner any one wish he desires. Along the way he makes many new friends, and enemies, and he trains to become the strongest fighter in the world.

several years later

The adventures of Earth’s martial arts defender Son Goku continue with a new family and the revelation of his alien origin. Now Goku and his allies must defend the planet from an onslaught of new extraterrestrial enemies.

Review – This in my view deserves Rank 1. Who has not watched it. Its an epic. Must watch anime. Full action and fights. Techniques and one of the classic legend in anime history. It has inspired most of the top anime these days. They say “If you haven’t Watched Dragon ball series , you haven’t watched anime.” If you are an anime fan and you haven’t watched DB, in my views you should either watch it or die.

1. One Piece


Gold Roger was known as the Pirate King, the strongest and most infamous being to have sailed the Grand Line. The capture and death of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the world. His last words before his death revealed the location of the greatest treasure in the world, One Piece. It was this revelation that brought about the Grand Age of Pirates, men who dreamed of finding One Piece (which promises an unlimited amount of riches and fame), and quite possibly the most coveted of titles for the person who found it, the title of the Pirate King. Enter Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year-old boy who defies the standard definition of a pirate. Rather than the popular persona of a wicked, hardened, toothless pirate who ransacks villages for fun, Luffy’s reason for being a pirate is one of pure wonder; the thought of an exciting adventure and meeting new and intriguing people, along with finding One Piece. Following in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Luffy and his crew travel across the Grand Line, experiencing crazy adventures, unveiling dark mysteries and battling strong enemies, all in order to reach One Piece. One Piece is currently ranked as the best-selling series of all time in manga history and most popular anime trending in world also.

Review – Its the best manga in my view after  DB series. Well that may be due to my childhood emotional attachment with DB. But One Piece is really a thing. It lives in you if you watch it. You can’t resist yourself from thinking of million possibilities of story. I advise everyone to watch it. And a little advise “If you start watching one piece, try to watch up to 100 to 150 episodes. ”

Some Honorable Mentions  : Fairy Tail and My Hero Academia

That was all , Thank you for reading.

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