Top 10 most badass Anime characters Ranked

 A list of top 10 most liked savage characters.
We all love protagonists in anime we watch but some protagonists along with some side protagonists and winner imprint that savage image in our mind that we can say only one word for them .. “BADASS”

Following is a list of some of the most savage and badass characters in top of the ANIME world

10. Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul


Who doesn’t know the gentle Ken Kaneki. The kindhearted ken kaneki who was turned into a ghoul by a accidental surgery. But known as “The Eyepatch” he had this image of a badass anime character.
I am sure you guys must have loved this too.

9. Ban – The Seven Deadly Sins

The “FOX” sin of “GREED” , BAN is a side protagonist in manga/anime “The Seven Deadly Sins”.
This guy literally cares for nothing if he sets his mind on something. Taking  every attack head on without dodging it. He definitely deserves a place in this list.

8. Levi Ackerman – Attack on Titan

Leader of Soldiers of  “Special Operation Squad”, Levi Ackerman is titan killing Machine for you. His very first appearance fighting titans gives you chills while watching. He definitely deserves a place in this list.

7. PAIN – Naruto

That music. That appearance and that attitude. “This world shall know PAIN”. and boom goes the place about where the whole series is supposed to be. Pain is one my favorite badass anime characters in my opinion his appearance to his talk and everything about him is enough to give us goosebumps.

6. “Whitebeard” Edward Newgate – ONE PIECE

I love the way anime/manga creators portray the old people. Its so different then western series. In anime Old people are legend like figures who are top tier. One of them is Whitebeard one of the four yonkou series One Piece. The most legendary and badass Old man of Anime . He is definitely gonna be in this list.

5. Madara Ucchiha – Naruto

Madara Ucchiha, perhaps the most badass character of Naruto series is definitely in this list. Most naruto fans would want him on No, 1. He is a shinobi without weakness. Man who makes meteorites rain. Ninja who can fight nearly for 24 hours at full power without getting tired, that is Madara for you.

4. Shanks – ONE PIECE

Did you expect him in this list ? Well the character called “strongest in one piece” by his fans although there is a lot of debate in fans about this. Leaving that all behind Shanks is one of those characters loved by nearly all of One piece fans but no one forgets the man who knocks out the crew members  of yonkou whitebeard while walking into his own ship, his conqueror haki was so powerful it even made cracks in WB’s ship.

3. Kenpachi Zaraki – Bleach

Honestly if Kenpachi is not the part of this list then this list is supposed to be a piece of garbage, and those who have watched BLEACH will surely agree with this statement. Kenpachi is the definition of word badass in anime, nothing more need to say. This guy became a captain without even activating his sword (zanpaktou ) with a shikai ( no need to even mention bankai) , the captain commander feared this guy himself. That is Kenpachi Zaraki for you

2. Roronoa Zoro – ONE PIECE

” Have you ever heard of a wild beast who promised that he wouldn’t bite – Roronoa Zoro”. “You wanted to kill me?, you couldn’t even kill my boredom.” and many more quotes. Roronoa Zoro. The character  that gives you chills on his every expression, every statement and every action. Roronoa Zoro is no. 2 on this list.

1. Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z

Many badass characters came and and many have gone but no one in a million years can’t be as badass as this character. The very introduction of badassness in anime. This anime character is the inspiration of the 2nd best character creation which nearly all mangakas use these days. Vegeta the prince of all saiyans is No. 1 and will be no. 1.

This concludes the list. Thanks a lot for reading 🙂

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