Zoro & Luffy vs Hundred Beast Kaido – One Piece Theory

IT IS A THEORY ON ZORO AND LUFFY and How the war with Kaido will take place.

This here is the cover page of chapter 699, its a chapter which is way past punk hazard arc but I will discuss about this page after some points. now I will start from the very beginning .:/

1. In the very first arc where Luffy recruits Zoro. captain x head Morgan said about Luffy that “straw hat luffy” must’ve eaten one of those devil fruits, he had heard rumors about devil fruit user who could create tsunamis ( foreshadowing Whitebeard ) and the person who can breathe fire ( might be foreshadowing Kaido).

2. From the very beginning of the manga, Oda has posted images of straw hats in samurai or traditional Japanese clothes in OP cover pages.

3. In the cover pages, he has also shown Zoro as tiger multiple times and he has shown straw hats with a dragon, also one thing I common in all that is Luffy, Nami and Zoro.

4. Now the theory is Zoro and Luffy both will kill Kaido in Wano arc and Nami will somehow be involved in that combat and is gonna play an important role.

5. Zoro and Kaido are Tiger and Dragon ( Yin and Yang), in mythology dragon and tiger are enemies.
6. If you check the left hand of kaido, it has scales on it which resemble¬†a dragon , also kaido has a mustache like dragon whiskers and he also has two horns like dragons (but this is not that much of a similarity ). So we can say kaido represents a Dragon. also there are theories that he has dragon dragon no mi, but I am saying that even if he doesn’t have it at least he does represent a dragon.

7. And through various cover pages, we know that Zoro represents Tiger.

8. Now when we were in punk hazard arc while slaying dragon Luffy and Zoro both killed that dragon ( which was foreshadowing of the fight with kaido) and Zoro used the move ultimate tiger hunt against that dragon ( it looks like Oda is saying just guess it already man)

9. Now look at the picture I posted

it is a cover page of chapter 699 so if we look at it all the straw hats are there but Zoro and Luffy especially have bandages on them. also, it is to be noted that the dragon also has bandages on it. Those bandages on Luffy and Zoro show that it will be them who will be involved in direct combat with Kaido.
It is also to be noted that there is a skull made on kaido’s left hand (you can check it from kaido’s first appearance pic, and that same skull is there on Armour of Zoro in above cover page except that skull on Zoro is impaled with three swords

 ( did you see ???)
and the most important point to be noted is that this is the cover page of chapter 699 and Zoro still has his left eye open neither he has a scar ( don’t tell me Oda forgot to draw it), unless and until he was foreshadowing the power of Zoro.
now I will tell why does this need to happen, as we have seen ever since time-skip Oda hasn’t highlighted any straw hat except Luffy. so now he is busy highlighting others. So now it needs to b done by Oda because

1. Zoro was not highlighted which ultimately made him lose his 2nd position in latest OP fan poll
2. Oda foreshadowed that Kaido cant be killed in One on One combat
3. It is shown that Kaido has the impenetrable body ( Zoro will not fight Jozu because it doesn’t make sense, also when Mr. 1 asked Zoro that what will you cut next, diamond? and then Zoro said no it will be a wasted (Oda foreshadowed that Zoro vs Jozu is impossible ) so Kaido’s body will be a challenge for zoro.
and both luffy and zoro will fight kaido but the fight will revolve more around zoro and zoro will finish kaido

That is all. You can check all the cover pages of One Piece on wikia page. They have given the description of each page.

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