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After the 2 year time-skip period in One Piece there is one thing that is most noticeable and least discussed . Yes, Zoro’s left eye. I don’t know why none of the straw hats asked zoro about his eye. But as we know , creator of One Piece Echiro Oda does everything for a reason and due to this flood of theories about Zoro’s left Eye were flowing on internet. So today we present you 5 possible theories about Zoro’s left eye.


1. It’s Just a “Scar “
People do think that eye of zoro is damaged by a very strong slash and its closed for good but considering how Oda likes to do things this would be very boring. Also most of the people who have scars on their eye’s like Reyleigh and Shanks can open their eyes normally so this one is just least possible but still possible because no one knows if Oda is trying to troll us.
2. It’s a  ” Dojutsu “
It’s a Sharingan. Wait, It might be a rinnegan too ( Just Kidding). Many fans think that in his left eye zoro is stroing some kind of power of Haki that will grant him visual prowess when he opens it. It might have been possible if it was NarutoVerse, FTverse or BleachVerse but as we know powers in one piece have totally different functionality as haki is totally different from chakra and ki although definition is same in all anime .
3. Price for training under a Rival
As we all know, Zoro wants to become World’s Greatest Swordsman and to achieve that Goal he must defeat “Taka no me” ( Hawk Eye) Mihawk, but in middle of story for sake of his captain, he trains under Mihawk to get stronger than before so many fans think that Zoro removed his left eye as a price for training under a man who he needs to defeat to achieve his goal.


4. Curse of “Sandai Kitetsu” (” Kitetsu the third” )
In Loguetown ( East Blue), Zoro got his hands on a legendary but also a cursed sword about which the shop owner said that whoever owned a kitetsu sword died due to its curse but zoro checks his luck with kitestu and in the end was unharmed . This “curse” was later never mentioned in story so many fans believe that when zoro opens his left eye he will be able to use curse of kitetsu sword in his favor with some sort of demon. It might go in story like during timeskip, zoro’s left eye glowed and he goes wild destroying everything and in the end Mihawk shut slashes his eye. Yes, I agree it can be true as Oda would never mention curse of kitetsu just to pass time.
5. Restraining his Potential
This is the most logical theory among all 5 , we’ve seen that Zoro has trained himself with observation haki after time-skip but as we’ve seen Zoro has defeated all enemies up until now effortlessly so to increase his power he is restraining his true potential of Observation haki by closing his one eye and that scar is simply a scar just like Reyleigh, and Zoro will open that eye in a difficult situation when he will need to use that advanced level of Observation Haki.
this concludes my list,
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