Cure of Luffy’s incurable Disease – One Piece Theory

Today we are going to talk about a disease that most fans believe that Luffy will catch on his quest to become the pirate king sooner or later in the story. So lets talk about it briefly.

We’ve seen many incidents in story where it was indicated that Luffy will catch an Incurable disease sooner or later, the things that foreshadow this speculation are

Gear 2nd

It was stated in the story that Gear 2nd puts an unbearable amount of strain on his body that will have its harmful effects on luffy’s body. It was explained by Rob Lucci in Ennies Lobby. So this is the first Indication that Luffy is likely to harm himself by some side effect of G2.

Parallelism with Gol D Roger

It was confirmed that Pirate king had become the victim of a disease that couldn’t be cured but Croccus the Doctor of Roger pirates could only ease the suffering of Roger. Now its not necessary that same with happen with luffy but there are still chances. Because oda shows an incident in One piece and later shows that same thing had been done by roger in past.

Ivankov’s Hormone Injection

In Impel down Luffy was badly poisoned by magellan the warden of impel down and was on verge of death when Ivankov injected with hormones to save his life. Ivankov said that It would shorten the life of Luffy which clearly shows us where story is going.

Later at marineford Luffy was injected with the same hormones again which is clearly worse for him as he has just pushed his body to its limits and was already injected with hormones.


From these incidents in story it is clear that Luffy will catch a disease or will end up on verge of death or in a situation where he’ll realize that he doesn’t have much time left. So what do you guys think Will he end up like Roger and will be executed ? Well , I definitely don’t agree on it as it will be same thing again. Here is what I think will happen.

Theory #1 _ Laws Ope Ope no mi immortality Surgery

Now many fans believe that Law will perform immortality surgery on luffy either on his death or near his death which will revive him or cure his disease and grant him a long life but I will strongly disagree on this theory as law is luffy’s rival and he wont be doing something like that for him, it will make chopper look like a waste character also i think one piece just doesn’t work that much dramatically but who knows what Oda might be thinking.

Theory #2 _ Chopper’s Medicine

Now We know that like any other Straw Hat pirate Chopper has his own dream and that is to become a doctor that can cure any disease. Now he will become so by discovering a medicine that can cure any disease. Now proof I’m going to give you will either shock you or make you laugh.

Remember Ussop the liar , Well all one piece fans know that his lies have come true in one piece there are 3 or 4 lies which have yet to come true one of them is this.

So by just keeping in faith of Legendary god ussop’s word I can say that Luffy will be cured of his incurable sickness and then story will either continue or end depending on the circumstances. So guys what do you think ? This was all .

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  1. Law is gonna perform the surgery as the plot has been released & it states that luffy, law & other 3 captions together will defeat kaido, & luffy will die after using gear 5th or on verge death. Law will perform surgery while marines capture both of them. Luffy is saved from execution by revolutionary army, his one fleet of 5600 & white beard fleet. Thats what I READ.. This all be quite magnificent & logical too. This all might happen.


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