New Straw Hat Member other than Jimbei – WHOLE CAKE ISLAND – One Piece Theory

There has been a lot of fuss after Jimbei ( also called Jinbe or Jinbei) has declared his loyalty to Luffy right in front of Big Mom of the four Yonkou. Perhaps this was the most badass moment of Whole Cake Island and other than that Jimbei while being a straw hat also degraded Big Mom by calling her  ” Only a mere Yonkou”.

                        It is totally enough to satisfy the fans waiting for a new member to join the straw hat crew but wait !

                       I think that Oda wants to give a double surprise by adding another member to the straw hat crew. But first of all let me explain why another member would join straw hat crew in a short time. There are following things to consider:
  • One Piece story is almost 65-70 % complete and if Oda waits for more time before adding another member to the crew he won’t be able to highlight those new members while keeping up with the story.
  • Just like the Brook who was previous one to join the straw hat did not get enough time on screen but Oda later gave him a fair share of his spotlight in whole cake arc where he was the center of attention. I dont think Oda would want that to happen.
  • Jimbei who joined the straw hat was speculated to be crew member since fishman island arc so even he is joining the crew he is not new, I mean not “totally new” so one new member may be expected from Oda.


Now lets talk about this new character
Who I think will become one of the straw hats. I think that new straw hat will be none other than the jaguar mink  “Pedro of the treetops“.
 Now I think Pedro will join the crew with Jimbei at the end of this arc because of the following hints.
  • Pedro’s most of the lifespan was taken by Big Mom of the four yonkou, so he doesn’t have much time left so I would rather see him sailing seas full of adventure than living in zou.
  • There have been much similarities between Pedro and Jimbei which makes me believe that he will join the crew along with Jimbei. Just like Jimbei who chose to die in marineford for sake of ace and then for luffy ,pedro also came to whole cake island and said that he would even die for straw hats even after suffering a terrible defeat there before. Both have also been ex-captain of pirate crews before.


  • Pedro is one of the minks and Jimbei is a fishman so this would add more variety to straw hat crew.
  • Some fans think that carrot will join next, well I don’t disagree it can happen too but I see more chances of pedro joining the crew rather than carrot. There might be a case that instead of now joining the crew  both pedro and carrot join straw hats later in wano arc.Besides Every straw hat has a sad backstory , so pedro has one and carrot doesn’t lol. But in a scan given below I think a hint of pedro joining the crew is given.


After watching fight at the tea party, I am looking forward to see more of the Jimbei and Pedro duo.


So with this I am finishing my theory. What do you guys think about. Let us know in Comments.
Thank You for reading . 🙂

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