Sasuke’s 2nd Child ? Successor of Ucchiha Clan – Naruto/Boruto Theory

It’s been quite some time since Naruto manga ended and fans did rejoice when Boruto started. Up until now Boruto has been getting attention and appreciation of nearly all naruto fans with exceptions of some die-hard and butt hurt fans. Sorry If you are one of them LOL, but I kind of like this new series and its been awesome up until now.

Currently in series Naruto has two children , Boruto and Himawari and Sasuke has only one . But I think that Sasuke and Sakura will have another child which will become a successor of Ucchiha clan. Why  ? Because up until now we’ve pretty much seen that Sarada and Boruto would end up as a couple in future and if that happens Ucchiha clan will be totally out of the spotlight.

Also as far as we’ve seen there is no Ucchiha survivor and therefore its pretty necessary for new Ucchiha’s to be born so that their bloodline can be continued because there are Ucchiha in Leaf village but there is no Ucchiha clan that can be restored. And also in the very start of the Naruto series Sasuke says that He will revive Ucchiha Clan,

We’ve seen how Boruto opposite to Naruto is quite skilled in Ninjutsu just at academy level (just like his grandfather who was a prodigy and who took and many shinobi alone when he was just an academy student), also Boruto’s outfit is similar to Minato but I would really like that creator makes Sasuke’s 2nd child just like Itachi who was also a prodigy.

This concludes my theory , What do you guys think about it ? Tell us in comments.

Thank You for reading.


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