Strongest Females in One Piece – Top 10


This list about the power of females and how they are never left behind men, I was thinking about creating a list top 10 Strongest females in One Piece for some time finally created one. I hope you guys enjoy and certainly agree with me because I have done a lot of analysis on my part in this , so lets start :

  • 10.) Revolutionary Koala


Koala is a revolutionary and master of fishman karate, she works with the chief of staff of Revolutionary Army ” Sabo” and she is shown to fight multiple marines with an expert skill while defending all the things at the same time. We’ve seen that fishman karate is a dangerous martial art and like haki is able to hurt devil fruit users. Current level of Koala’s fishman karate is still unknown so we are giving her No. 10 spot in this list.

  • 9.) Carrot


Carrot is a rabbit mink and the current strength how her is still unknown, although she was shown being able to fight and defeat gifters, she almost took out Luffy in her rage and She was able to fight Big Mom’s elite homie warrior “Crane rider Randolph”. She is expert of free style fighting, has incredible jumping power and ability to use electro like other minks.

  • 8.) Vinsmoke Reiju


Vinsmoke Reiju is princess of Germa Kingdom and one of the Elite fighter’s of Germa 66. She is sister of Sanji (what else is needed to know that she is strong , LOL ). She is shown to use freestyle fighting with poisoning blows which poison the enemy while fighting one of the sweet commanders of Big Mom. It was indicated that she can use iron body too by charlotte pudding thus unable to be shot by ordinary bullets or stabbed by normal blades.

  • 7.) Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney aslo known as “Gluttony or Big Eater” is one of the 12 pirates referred to as “Worst Generation”. She is the only female belonging to that group. At Saboady Archipelago. She like other supernovas had more than 100m beli bounty on her head. She has eaten an unnamed Devil fruit that allows her to control her age as well as age of people she touches making her a formidable enemy. She was captured by Akainu (strongest active marine) but she managed to trick marines and was able to escape. She was first supernova to make a move on a yonkou.

  • 6.) Boa Hancock


Yes, here she is. “Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock is captain of Kuja pirates and Queen of Kuja tribe in island of Amazon Lily, She has eaten Mero Mero no mi (Love Love fruit ) which allows her to to petrify the people who feel atttacted to her beauty without even making contact with her. She also uses Slave Arrow to do the same. The fruit also allows her to petrify the object she touches as she was shown to break Smoker’s Jutte with petrifying kick. She was the first female who
was shown to possess Conqueror’s Haki, while she can also use Arnament haki. It is unknown whether she can use observation haki or not but most likely she can.

  • 5.) Shakki

Shakki is a former pirate associated with an unknown pirate crew and a bar owner at Saboady Archipelago. It is mentioned on many pages that she is wife of Silvers Reyleigh. Now Shakki mentioned that while she was a pirate she was constantly chased around by Garp who was on par with Gol D Roger. She must’ve been extremely powerful to be engaged with garp and to trick her.

  • 4.) Charlotte Smoothie


Charlotte Smoothie is one of the 3 sweet commanders of Big Mom Pirates with a bounty of 932m beli, the highest amount known on a female pirate. She is eater of Juice Juice fruit which allows her to juice out any materials content in liquid form. She can use it on humans too. She carries a large sword on her back and the fact that she has more bounty than cracker must mean she is stronger than him too.

  • 3.) Vice Admiral Tsuru

Vice Admiral Tsuru is one of the top commissioned officers in Marines and she is eater of woshu woshu no mi, which allows her to wash and dry objects and people like clothing. Well not looking at how lame her Devil fruit is. She is currently the strongest marine female currently known being from the same generation of marine as that of Garp and Sengoku. Also she is called “Great Tactician”. She used to chase Doflamingo and his pirate crew before he became of the Seven Warlords. Doflamingo was shown be scared of Tsuru in Law’s flashback so we can get a good estimate of Tsuru’s strength.

  • 2.) Catarina Devon


Catarina Devon is a female pirate from one of the yonkou crew Blackbead pirates. She is said to be the most dangerous woman to be ever imprisoned. She was imprisoned at level 6 of Impel Down. We know how Blackbeard recruited his crew in impel down and she was one to be recruited which makes her one of the most dangerous prisoners even in level six of Impel Down.

  • 1.) ” Big Mom ” Charlotte Linlin


           This the most obvious name at the most obvious rank in this list, Big Mom is one of the four Yonkou which is same class as Whitebeard, Shanks, Kaido and Blackbeard. She killed one of the former captain of the giant pirates at the age of 5. The first bounty on her was in age of 5-6 years which was 30m beli, which later elevated to 500m beli just in short time (source One Piece manga). She is eater of Soul Soul Devil fruit using which she can take life span of living things and put it into non living objects and animals (homies). She is shown strong without her devil fruit too, also she possesses Conqueror’s Haki too. Which makes her not just the strongest female but one of the strongest characters in One Piece.
This concludes my list, Please comment you views.
Thank You for Reading.

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