What is power of Shanks ? – One Piece Theory

Ever since shanks was introduced in story we all wanted him to be engaged in live combat , too bad it didn’t happen.

He was pirate who inspired luffy. Later when Hawk Eye visited him it was clear that is no Ordinary pirate and then It was finally revealed by Garp that he is one of the 4 rulers of new world. But up until now there is not a single clue about how shanks fights, so today we are presenting you with some possibilities of what shanks power might be.

Classic discussion – Time Time devil fruit

A huge part of one piece fan base thinks that Shanks has eaten time time (or some other name that relates with time), with this fruit he can control the flow of time thats how he was able to dodge sake thrown by Whitebeard and reach marineford just after the skirmish with kaido. But this theory sucks for me as We’ve seen that shanks use to duel with mihawk ( he was that much powerful back then ) when he used to have both hands. And he lost his hand in sea floating which is impossible if he was a DF eater.But who knows if Oda gave him a DF during those 14-15 years time gap .

Swordsmanship that rivals World’s Strongest Swordsman

This is my favorite theory, just imagine Shanks being a non devil fruit user who is able to go toe to toe with Hawk eye Mihawk , battling with Sword swings and slashes just like how Zoro, Reyleigh, Vista and Mihawk fight. This would be very nice as all other yonkou have exceptionally rare powers and just imagine shanks without any rare power being able to rival all other yonkou.

Lightning fast Fighting style


This theory makes a lot of sense, remember Whitebeard throwing sake at shanks dodging it. There might be a possibility that shanks with some kind of physical training  of haki or something achieved a conscious speed. That it was almost impossible for mihawk yo trace him with his observation haki and during their countless duels shanks honed that speed and  mihawk honed his observation haki to a potential where he was called Hawk Eyes and both making winning and losing streaks, because as far as I’ve seen in different series , the title of Hawk eye is given to sniper with exceptional perception so why in One Piece it is given to a swordsman.

Honorable mention

Top Grade Swordsmanship vs Overall Fighting skills

some fans believe that Mihawk is exceptionally talented with swordsmanship while shanks is skilled in overal fighting abilities like haki and other combat abilities. Well I dont think that because always compared to Mihawk and always drawing his blade out in intense situations Shanks can only be a top grade Swordsman. And I certainly wont even think to declare anyone stronger than other one because we don’t even know it until Oda tells us. Currently Shanks is stronger because Large part of One Piece fanbase thinks he is stronger but for me , I would like to wait and find Out.

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