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Roronoa Zoro, the first mate of Straw Hat Pirates and the right hand of the future pirate king Monkey D Luffy is one of the twelve pirates referred to as Worst Generation. In the story loyalty that Zoro has shown towards his captain is like none other seen, but there is a huge debate in fan base that Will Zoro ever leave Straw Hat crew? Let’s analyze this possibility.


Personally, I don’t even like the idea of Zoro getting separated from the crew and I really mean it now not beating around the bush, lets just come to the main points. We have to see main hints in the story for

  • Why Zoro would never leave the Crew
  • Why Zoro might leave the Crew

First Lets see 

Why Zoro would never leave the Crew


                         The loyalty that Zoro has shown towards the Luffy in the story is the living proof that Zoro does not even consider to leave the crew even in his freaking thoughts. Zoro made every effort at thriller bark to protect Luffy while fighting Shichibukai (one of the seven warlords of the sea)  Bartholomew Kuma. We could see the difference in their strength but no matter what Zoro didn’t allow Kuma to lay his hand on Luffy.


       Zoro was able to save Luffy by begging for his captain’s life which too much out of his character. Yet again we saw Zoro begging to Dracule “Hawk Eye Mihawk”, the World’s Strongest Swordsman and his sworn rival. This was too for the sake of his captain. Currently, These are the incidents that show that Zoro is never going to leave the crew.


But wait, does Luffy knows about this incidents? If Luffy ever hurt Zoro’s pride or feelings wouldn’t it be obvious that Zoro will get angrier on him for even after what he has done for his captain. I would say No. Absolutely Not . Since We’re following One Piece we know that How a character is going to behave in a certain situation and since we know that both Luffy and Zoro are the types of characters who don’t keep grudges of past. So there is absolutely no way that Zoro is going to get furious at Luffy because no matter what he does that guy is still his captain.

But some incidents in the series are quite disturbing for me because Oda likes to foreshadow things, as much as I don’t want them to be true we must also consider those hints in this theory for the sake of fair analysis.


Why Zoro might leave the Crew

Unfortunately, some incidents do indicate that Luffy and Zoro are too much to handle for each other.
The thing that indicates that Zoro might end up leaving crew is none other than Luffy’s idiotic personality and his blunt mouth.



At the very first island of the grand line, the whiskey peak Luffy attacked Zoro. Luffy aimed to kill him when he came to know that zoro beat those people without even listening to his own buddy’s side of the story first. Zoro kept asking him to listen but Luffy did not listen to Zoro which made them fight seriously.


Blunt Mouth

Later in Water 7, Luffy and Ussop got into a huge quarrel. I know it was the Ussop’s fault for making too much drama about Going Merry. There Luffy said something blunt that did hurt Ussop’s feeling. I although Luffy apologized immediately. Ussop was already provoked by his incomplete words. This actually shows that Luffy due to being too much innocent says things without thinking at first.


Zoro’s attitude and Luffy’s Carelessness

Many people wont like what I will say now but in the crew, zoro looks more like a captain than Luffy. He has every characteristic of being a captain of a crew. In fact, He is the one who has told Luffy to make his decisions like a man whereas luffy is carefree sometimes and way more serious the other times. This may cause a problem.

Considering all above incidents in the story there is quite a good chance of Zoro leaving the crew. Either it will be with words between two men or it will be a one on one battle between Zoro and Luffy.

But considering the incidents of Zoro’s loyalty, I think there are fewer chances of Zoro leaving the crew. Nevertheless, I definitely think there would be a Luffy vs Zoro fight in future as Oda is just foreshadowing with events discussed above.
This concludes my article. Please share your views in comments.

Thank You for reading.

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