Alternatives of HAKI – One Piece

          Haki is a dormant ability present in every living being, which can be awakened using intense and hard training. Haki is a spiritual force that can increase one’s physical strength too. Haki is a must use skill to sail in New World which is turf of four Yonkou ( Emperors) , it can be compared to Chakra in naruto or ki in DBZ but unlike these two Haki is not a skill that all characters possess in One Piece.

In One Piece it is very rare for character to be able to use haki. Arnament haki is known as the only common offensive technique which can hurt Logia type users but little do we know there are also some alternatives which can hurt Logia type Devil fruit user’s body. Let’s talk about them,

Fishman Karate

Very few One Piece fans know that like Haki, fishman karate users can touch flowing bodies of logia users, which makes fishman karate a formidable martial art in One Piece, Fishman karate is used by residents of Fishman Island, Jimbei “the sea knight” is the most powerful user of fishman karate and he was shown fighting fire fist ace in series for 5 days, he is also recently shown fighting Katakuri who is a logia type user in Big Mom’s tea party. This might also be the reason why most of the Revolutionaries in Revolutionary Army
are taught fishman karate instead of six paths taught by marines to their soldiers.

Newkama Kenpo

Newkama Kenpo or Newkama Karate is yet another way to deal with logia type users, Newkama Kenpo is martial art used by the residents of Kambakka Kingdom. Strongest User of Newkama Kenpou is Emporio Ivankov the queen of Kambakka Kingdom, she can deflect fast moving projectiles and shoot blasts with her winks which include death wink,galaxy wink, hell wink etc. She is also shown dealing with many logia users such as kizaru and akainu in marineford war.

Mink’s Electro 

     The electro of mink tribe is also a skill to deal damage to logia users however it is slightly different than above skills and haki. Instead of touching logia user directly , Electro hurts by giving shocks to the enemy while it may be a good weapon it is useless against devil fruit such as Luffy’s whose makes him rubber thus immune to Electro, therefore Electro is vulnerable to some exceptions of Devil Fruits.

Devil Fruits

Yes, Devil Fruits. Some Devil fruits users acquire ability to fight logia type of user using their own Devil Fruit. Well most common example is
Blackbeard’s Darkness Darkness Fruit and there is no need for explanation for this too, but can you guess some others?

Lets see. All types of Devil Fruits that create shock wave are automatically able to hurt logia users, the shock waves hurt human body and same happens in fishman karate. Whitebeard’s Tremor Tremor fruit was the most common Devil fruit used against logia. Whitebeard was unable to control his haki at marineford so he was relying on his devil fruit powers. Don’t believe? Remember When Whitebeard stabbed aokiji with his spear Aokiji wasn’t hurt which only meant that he could not use haki properly. Also he beat akainu and Blackbeard using his Devil fruit powers.

Sengoku’s Mythical zoan fruit (Mythical version of Human Human fruit) allows him to become a giant Buddha, whose hands release shockwaves. These shockwaves were shown to hurt Blackbeard ( not just giving him pain but hurt him ).

Kuma’s Pad Pad fruit which generates shockwaves is also a devil fruit able to generate shockwaves , he was not shown fighting any logia user but I’m pretty sure he can hurt those Logia type users.

That was All I had to offer regarding this topic, What do you think of this let us know in comments.

Thank You for reading.

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