Fan Expectations from One Piece Live Action Series

                  There has been an uproar in social media since the announcement of One Piece’s Hollywood Live action series adaptation. Some fans hate this news and some are loving it. Well it is a matter of concern if we look at live-action adaptations or some previous animated series because they sucked so much but Oda has only agreed for series to be made only on condition that is not to deceive the fans of One Piece who have been with it since past 20 years and yes this series will be different from those other adaptations. Let’s talk about what our expectations of this One Piece Live action series.

Adaptation should be close enough to Anime/manga

The series should be adapted it in such a way that it really looks like we are watching One Piece and that will be done by implementing exceptional quality of animation and graphics in the series. Sources say that this series might become the most expensive Live action series of the world.

              If it had been any other manga or anime like DBZ or Naruto, it had been difficult but since power levels and powers of One Piece verse can easily be shown in live adaptation they might pull it out with some effort.

No White Washing

I would really really hate the series if all the cast of One Piece is of the same origin, country or industry. We do want variations in the cast to see different people in the world, their lifestyle and thus we would need a huge domain of cast so that it will really give us a feeling that we are watching a series about the world and not a country or a continent.

A Grand domain of Star Cast 

As discussed in the previous point, the star cast for this series will be huge, according to online sources (since I couldn’t count myself) there are over 1000 named characters in One Piece, so if we want a Live action series close enough to manga a grand level of star cast which again draws the conclusion that if made, then this series will be the most expensive one in the world.

Good Pace of the story

One of the very few drawbacks of the One Piece manga/anime is that pace of the story is very slow. Yes since Oda never compromises with quality and very small details on each and everything the story pace automatically is slow. I would hate it if the story is too fast such that we get a bad series but I would also hate it if its story is as slow as hell. As a fan, I expect a good pace in the story.


The most important thing I expect from the series is originality of One Piece, the story should be giving us goosebumps like anime/manga and it also should be able to make anyone fall for the story, bend one’s emotions and make him feel awesome. Oda stated that he would not deceive his fans who have been with him for the past 20 years. I hope it turns out to be an Amazing series.

What do you think about this adaptation? Please share your views in comments.

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