Marine Rebel Faction and their possible targets – One Piece Theory

Today we are going to talk about a small branch of Marines, “Rebel Faction”. What is Rebel Faction and What is its role. We are going to talk about. Who is the target of the Rebel Faction? We have 3 possibilities but let’s talk about what is Rebel Faction.

Rebel Faction

                 It is a branch of Marines that deals with the Rebels, mostly those who rebel against the marines. Rebel faction was mentioned by Squardo, captain of “Whirl Spider Pirates”. Who mentioned that he was manipulated by a member of “Rebel Faction”. We already know who that members. Since this branch is a “faction” that means it has a low number of members which means they are indeed formidable despite their numbers.

We thus can say Akainu was a member of Rebel Faction who was promoted to an admiral and later to fleet admiral. It can clearly be seen that how akainu behave with those who stand in way of his absolute justice like they are Rebels. The marine he killed who was running and Coby who was stopping him are the best examples.

Now we have yet to see other members of the Rebel faction, lets now see whom rebel faction might after be.

Monkey D Dragon

This is the most obvious possibility. I bet you guys must have heard theories about dragon being a formal admiral. To be honest, I say those are pretty good theories because they actually make sense but I would like to add a little possibility of Monkey D Dragon being former chief fighter of Cipher Pol agis Zero. Yes, I think this might also be possible because only one powerful in World Government organization are Gorosei, Navy Commander in chief (currently “Kong”), Fleet admiral and 3 admirals. But considering if there were already 3 admirals I think that dragon was chief of CP0, who realized the difference between absolute justice and true justice.

I can Akainu having a possible history with dragon does not need to be discussed because it is pretty obvious. Akainu of the Rebel Faction was chasing after his Dragon Senpai and dragon senpai screwed him with the power of wind, as wind can freeze magma. With power such as dragon there is no way that akainu would have won. That is why he was obsessed with dragon and killing Luffy.

“Gluttony” Jewelry Bonney

         It also seems that Jewelry Bonney was somehow linked with World Government. Her meeting with akainu after her fight with Blackbeard raises a lot of questions like Why was she holding a grudge against Blackbeard for what he did at marineford? What is her link with the world government? and so more.

Well, I think she was being used by World Government to manipulate the ages of people, prisoners to change their identities or she might even be decreasing age of gorosei to keep them alive. Well I cant say that for sure but she was very important to World Government. So Rebel faction might definitely be after her.


“Red Flag” X- Drake

               I must say, he is most interesting Supernova, he is the son of a former marine turned pirate, taken into the custody of marines at very small age, became a marine and then turned into a pirate. By his behavior, it can be seen that he does not agree with the current policies of the World Government.


As a former rear admiral with a bounty on his head he is a threat to World Government. Rebel faction will definitely come after drake. I also think that Drake has some connections with Dragon. He might also be a member of the Revolutionary Army. But that’s just my thinking lol as there are no pieces of evidence on this.

That concludes my theory. What do you guys think about it?

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