Shanks is a only a Swordsman – One Piece

     Red hair shanks is perhaps the most hyped character in One Piece, some of his fans even consider him the strongest man of the One Piece Universe. Well, we are not discussing whether or not he is strongest or not but the thing is that it is still not known that what is combat style of Shanks so title suggests I do believe that Shanks is a Swordsman and I can prove it how.

Some of the fans may not agree but deal with it, For now, Shanks is a swordsman. No Overall ability shit and no devil fruit powers or anything else, as far as haki goes let’s pin it for now. Without wasting time let us see hints and proves in story

Links and Hints

  We at first did not know that potential of shanks although knowing that he was pirate, the very first time we got to know that Shanks is one of the top guys when Hawk-Eye Mihawk visited him to show him Luffy’s wanted poster. There we get to know that they do sparring when shanks asked mihawk that if he had come to fight him. Now Mihawk is a swordsman and Shanks wouldn’t spar with Mihawk in a sumo match.

When Shanks boarded Moby Dick to meet Whitebeard, Whitebeard mentioned a legendary duel between Shanks and Mihawk that he said we watched with his own eyes and came to acknowledge Shanks. Now again it must definitely be a sword fight.

Actual Incidents

In One Piece, Shanks was actually involved in combat two times, One was with Whitebeard on Moby Dick and Second was at Marineford and both times he had drawn and used his sword. It is like the instinct of a fighter. Shanks also drew his sword from his sheath when he made himself clear that if anyone wanted to continue violence in marineford then he would gladly become their opponent. If you still do not believe that Shanks is a swordsman then I would like you to read the next point.

Shanks’s Jolly Roger

 All pirates have jolly roger and jolly roger of each pirate represents him, there is no case of pirate and jolly roger having different themes in One Piece.  Ace’s jolly roger had spade, Luffy’s jolly roger has his straw hat, Whitebeard’s jolly roger had his “hige” or facial hair or simply said then mustache. Similarly, Shanks Jolly Roger has two swords. That too because he had this jolly roger when he used to fight with swords in both of his arms. If Shanks is anything else than a swordsman then he wouldn’t have this Jolly Roger.

Fan Speculations and Conclusion

Shanks’s fans actually believe that Shanks opposite to mihawk (who is only skilled with swords), is powerful in overall combat ability. I would like to ask them what is an overall fighting ability? Can’t Shanks be a yonkou by being a swordsman? You mean fighting with World’s Strongest Swordsman is just a swordsmanship hobby of Shanks? Is the title of Worlds strongest swordsman nothing just because he is a Shichibukai? No, just like pirate king and World’s strongest swordsman is also a unique title to be feared. It may totally depend on the history of Shanks and Mihawk that why Mihawk was given the title but it can be assumed that Whether or not Shanks is strongest in One Piece ,but he is definitely the 2nd strongest swordsman or was even Strongest swordsman with both of his hands. (His lost limb did affected him and Oda never said that there was no effect of losing an arm on him that is myth by a youtuber theorist that went crazy)

With this, I finish my theory. What do you guys Think?

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