The Full Moon Night and the Minks – Wano war – One Piece


Minks are the half animal – half human race in One Piece world which resides on island called “Zou” top of a more than 1000 years old Giant Seaking size Elephant known as “Zunisha”. Minks is one of the most powerful warrior race of One Piece world. It was mentioned that Even a child is able to fight like a elite warrior in Mink’s race.

Today I have a new theory about connection between Mink tribe of One Piece and the full moon night. I think mink’s power is amplified on a full moon night rather than normal days. Do you guys remember the chapter/episode where Luffy gets lost in whale forest and gets engaged in a fight with guardian minks. Fight was stopped by wanda “the dog mink”, Luffy later realizes that he was surrounded by countless other mink guardians including their leader Pedro. Wanda comments that Luffy should be thankful that it wasn’t a full moon light.

In the later chapters, Duke Dogstrom also called “Inuarashi” states that they might’ve lost battle with Jack , but they won’t lose it again in Wano because they have a certain trump card hidden in their sleeve. Well I think the trump card he was talking about is that Inuarashi must be planning on commencing the war on a full moon night in which all the minks gain unimaginable strength to tackle beast pirates. This can be seen in the screenshot provided below.

This is a hint that points to the confirmation that Full Moon night must affect the strength of Minks in a way. There are many articles on how full moon night affects animals in reality. Also because Oda is a huge fan pf “Dragon Ball” ,he might’ve taken the Oozaru reference to create the power of Minks.


This was my theory. What do you guys think. Tell us in comments.

Thank you for reading .

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