The return of Marco the Phoenix – One Piece Theory

    Marco has been only living in sad times ever since we saw him, the guy lost his father and two brothers from his own crew. On top of that, he suffered a big loss in the war with Blackbeard. What will now happen with Marco?

         After the Time skip, there was no mention of the Whitebeard pirates in the story except when Nekomamushi ( Master Cat Viper )
mentioned that the man they are looking for is “Marco the Phoenix”. I was myself pretty excited to see the return of Marco. But first of all, let’s try to figure out the significance of Marco and his phoenix form.

     Phoenix is a mythical bird which is said to be immortal. Its wings are composed of healing flames and it always dies by burning in its own flames, when it dies it is born again from the ashes of its burnt remains. Thus, this time return of the Marco might be a symbol of a new birth. A new era for him. As we have discussed Marco has only suffered up until now in One Piece, he lost Thatch, Ace and his father Whitebeard. So this return might be a symbol of the end of his suffering. Marco might’ve realized after that loss in the war with Blackbeard that he has a long way to go and there are people he wants to avenge.

   I think Marco and very few Remnants of Whitebeard pirates must be preparing themselves for past two years. I can imagine Marco getting stronger, We have yet to see how he will make his comeback. He will either come to Zou with Nekomamushi or he will directly meet the straw hat crew in Wano.

     Many of the fans are discussing who will take place of a dethroned yonkou, and supernovas are leading in opinion poll because it is clear that Luffy will certainly not become one of the four yonkou. I say there are good chances of Marco claiming the title of a yonkou after dethroning of Kaido or He might join the Red Haired pirates.


   Up until now, Marco is the most famous character among the one piece universe people. Marines are searching for Marco, Red Hair shanks want him to join his crew. Kaido is looking for him, Miss Bakkin and Edward Weevil is looking for him and none other that Nekomamushi and Inuarashi are searching for him, It is quite certain that Oda has lots of plans for Marco the Phoenix in the upcoming story.

With this, I end my theory. What do you guys think about it?

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