What will Happen at Reverie – One Piece Theory

         In Zou arc, We saw leaders of various kingdoms of the world making preparations to attend Reverie also known as World Summit. This time all of the world leaders plan to attend Reverie. By looking at all those preparations which include permission to relocate Ryugu kingdom, arising question on Poneglyphs and their history we can say this year’s reverie will be one of the most important events of One Piece. Let’s talk about possibilities of a series of events that are most likely to happen in Reverie.



Discussion On Various Threats to World and World Government



Monkey D Dragon


It is clear, as we have seen in the flashback of 8 years old Reverie in which the dragon was center of attention. Participants at that time stated that ” Revolutionary Dragon ” will be a major threat to the world in next 4-5 years. I am sure this time again Dragon will be the center of Attention again since that time he was just assumed to be a major threat but now he is the most dangerous threat that World Government.


Marshall D Teach


Blackbeard has become another major threat to the world government. One of the four yonkou who tried to destroy the marineford a.k.a “marine headquarters”. Unlike any other yonkou or pirate, he didn’t climb the ladder of fame but came into power so suddenly that he has become of the nightmares. Also, he is the only person in the history that has been seen using the power of two devil fruits and not the ordinary ones either.


Straw Hat Pirates


Monkey D Luffy and Straw hat pirates after their grand return have also been getting the attention of the World Government. Luffy will be assumed as the next most major threat to the world government in the upcoming years, most probably because he has shown his power at the very center of attention of the whole world in marineford. It has been considered before and Luffy has surpassed their expectation.


Abolition of Seven Warlord system


This is the most certain event that will take place in the Reverie, as Fujitora told that in this year’s reverie he is going to make a proposal to abolish the seven warlords system. I think that chances of the abolition of seven warlord system are more than 80% percent due to the events that happened with previous warlords. Crocodile caused chaos in Alabasta, Doflamingo oppressed Dressrosa and caused chaos when his reality was revealed. Blackbeard became one of the Seven warlords of the sea to misuse the power of its title and Jimbei although being a warlord did not comply with world government when they needed him the most. Law sided with Luffy, Edward weevil is killing innocent citizens with his enemies as well.

We have seen how determined and righteous fujitora is. Even Smoker admitted that he could not even think of doing same in Alabasta, what fujitora did in Dressrosa. The most interesting question is, what will happen to warlords stripped of their titles especially the important ones like Mihawk and Boa Hancock. Although Kuma will remain on Marine side, this is for sure.


Start of the Rebellion by various countries


In zou arc, we have seen various countries making preparations for reverie and did you see any similarity between them? Yes, All of them were related to Luffy like Alabasta, Dressrosa, Kano, Ryugu, Sakura Kingdom etc. This time when Luffy will be declared as a major threat many countries who support luffy will arise question on World government, also the countries like Ryugu kingdom who wish to relocate fishman island on surface and  Alabasta who wish to directly ask and confront the World government about the poneglyphs will ultimately make World government angry. As one piece’s story is 70% complete it is not surprising if the rebellion starts in the world right now.


Arrival of Monkey D Dragon

Many believe that Monkey D dragon will make an entrance in the Reverie. Well, it might be possible because of certain hints like Dragon gathering all of the Revolutionary leaders in the world, all of them are most certainly needed if the dragon wants to infiltrate holy land of mariejois where reverie takes place once in every four years.

Dragon knows that he cannot achieve his goal to take down World Government alone and he will need the help of various kingdoms, therefore all rebelling countries will take on dragon’s side which will ultimately trigger the possibility of a great war with World Government. The story will go in original one piece pace that means this will happen in the span of at least 100 chapters.

with this my theory is concluded, what do you guys think? Don’t forget to comment and Share.

Thank you for reading.

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