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What’s up guys ! It has also been a topic of debate ever since the Nidai Kitestu ( Kitetsu the 3rd) was revealed that what exactly is gonna happen with the sword. Right now it is currently in hands of luffy who I doubt would ever run out of luck though.
kitetsu zoro and luffy
kitetsu zoro and luffy
Now most people are speculating that Zoro will get that sword and this Nidai kitetsu will replace Sandai kitetsu which will give Zoro a huge power up , But I think it will be different. We all know that shusui the black blade is National Treasure of Wano and Kinnemon said it was grave sin to take that sword , Zoro was also accused of stealing that sword in wano.


shusui wano
Now instead of replacing sandai kitetsu. What I think will happen is Zoro will return Shusui to wano and will replace shusui with Nidai kitetsu, and yes I think Zoro will also get the first Kitetsu from Gorosei as well. Many people think that Zoro will never give up wado ichimonji but I think in the end Zoro is gonna have all 3 Kitetsu swords. What will happen to wado ichimonji,? well I don’t know but I think Oda will do something.
kitetsu zoro shodai

  Ever since in One Piece , it was revealed that there are 3 different kitetsu swords , it was always a hint that Zoro will get all three because he uses three sword style. Although Shodai kitetsu is not yet revealed in story but it is pretty much clear that what that bald gorosei has is nothing but shodai kitetsu , after seeing hilt of that Sword.

Now since kitetsu is always linked with curse of demons or asura ,

I think it would not be surprising if every time Zoro’s Asura gets strong after obtaining each sword,

What do you guys think about this?
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