O-Tsuru’s Connetions with Kozuki Clan – ONE PIECE THEORY

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Wano arc has finally begun and level of excitement is too much in the One Piece fans these days since both reverie and wano will go side by side unlike the whole cake island arc where most fans complained despite it being a good arc.
Today I am going to share with you my theory which I came up with from manga. Now lets start.
If you notice it, can you see something familiar in this picture?


zoro wano theory
Now if you did, then damn you are good but if you didn’t then picture below is for you
zoro wano theory


The hairpin or whatever it is  that Tsuru has on her hair is Crest of the Kozuki Clan and not only this we can see Kozuki crest in recent chapters many times.

zoro wano theory
zoro wano theory

She can’t just carry this crest being a commoner as a commoner would suffer by the hands of shogun for doing such things. I think she is a higher up in Kozuki family. Either she is some hot shot noble or she is from the side family.


One more thing is that Zoro himself might be descendant of Kozuki family line or may from side branch. I have a hunch for this and I will provide some evidence from my side too. First is when Zoro stopped the attack on Tsuru, She might’ve been surprised by attack which can be seen below.

zoro wano theory
But this 2nd scene shows that she is surprised at something else too.
zoro wano theory
Yes it is sandai Kitestu and she is surprised by Zoro wielding it.

Now, there is a manga by Oda which is DBZ X One Piece cross over in which zoro was shown like this.

zoro wano theory

Oda in this has hinted that Zoro is also somehow connected to Kozuki Clan.

What do you guys think about this, Please provide your valuable feedback in comments.

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  1. dat logo on zoro's costume is different


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