Reason Why Miss Bakkin is after Marco The Phoenix – ONE PIECE

      After Whitebeard’s death, Miss Bakkin and Edward Weevil, self proclaimed wife and son of Whitebeard respectively, were shown. It is to be noted that Edward Weevil was being manipulated by miss Bakkin and She told Weevil to search for Marco the Phoenix because he might have some treasure left by Whitebeard himself. This also hints to the same theory that Miss Bakkin would want to get her hands on that Last Road Poneglyph and might’ve wanted to sell it to someone else as She was shown wearing jewelry and might’ve been obsessed with money just like Caramel. In the recent chapters, it was shown that she is from Whitebeard’s former crew so she might know things that even current whitebeard pirates don’t know about Whitebeard.

I did a theory on why Why Kaido tried to attack Whitebeard before war, and it was also for last road poneglyph.


Why Whitebeard would have the information on last Road Poneglyph


    We’ve seen the flashback of Whitebeard and Roger, in which Roger asked Whitebeard that if he wanted to know about how to get to Raftel, but Whitebeard denied and Roger at once changed to the topic to Will of D as if Roger forcefully wanted Whitebeard to know about Will of D, Raftel and Road ponelglyphs.

Later in series Doflamingo in marine custody defined Whitebeard as a person who has qualities to become the King but he decided to just stand in front of the throne instead of sitting on it. Whitebeard might’ve at least had some information on the last Road Poneglyph because he was also described as “man closest to achieve One Piece” in the beginning of the story and Oda might be foreshadowing that.

This was just a theory on What I think the reason is for Miss Bakkin to be after Marco. What do you guys think?

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