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The genius Oda has shown us so many hints that Wano arc is going to be the greatest arc to be featured in One Piece. In this theory, I am going to discuss how all four yonko will eventually find their way to Wano Kuni one way or another.

Yonko One Piece

According to my theory at the end of this arc, Luffy will prove that he is the only true contender for the title of the pirate king. He will become the greatest threat i.e. world government’s number one priority surpassing even Yonko and Revolutionary Dragon.

Hints – Why all four yonko will arrive?

The best thing about One Piece is how beautifully Oda drops the hints in the story right under our noses. In chapter 579, Shanks enters marineford and stopped the great paramount war. Now if we change the sequence of digits the chapter number, chapter 795 was the chapter in which Kadio jumped from the sky and declared the beginning of the greatest war. The remaining sequence will be either 957 or 975. I think it will be latter. Chapter 975 will feature the beginning of the Wano war.
Yonko war
In chapter 801, Doflamingo stated that the biggest war in history is going to start soon. The current ongoing saga of One Piece is  Yonko Saga. According to Oda. Wano itself represents Japan as a country in One Piece, therefore, it is to be expected that for arc featuring his home Oda will certainly make it memorable.  Also, nearly all Pirates of the worst generation are in wano except 2 or 3. Below are my reasons why I think all Yonko are going to participate in war.


Yonko Big Mom and Kaido in Wano


big mom kaido

As we already know, Two of the yonko, Big Mom and Kaido have already made their preparations to corner Straw Hat Luffy in wano. They were openly talking about this on phone and marines tapped their transponders. It would be no surprise if this news reaches Shanks and Blackbeard as they have the status of kings.



Yonko Shanks in Wano





The picture above is enough to take a hint of Shanks upcoming appearance. We saw Shanks last time at the Reverie and people may think that he may not come to Wano but that is exactly what people thought when marineford war started. Shanks showed up at marineford anyway. Stopping the wars is Shanks official business. Therefore, He may appear in wano too. Be it for stopping another war, settling the score with another yonko or to help Luffy (least probability).



Yonko Blackbeard in Wano


Blackbeard in wano

Out of all four yonko, Blackbeard has most to gain if he comes to Wano. Everyone knows that Blackbeard ultimately wants to be King of the pirates. He can gain the copy of Road poneglyph from Kaido and he can also get his hands on the poneglyph imprint of Straw Hats. Moreover, we know Blackbeard has strongest Logia and strongest paramecia in his possession and after reading so many theories and considering his jolly roger has 3 skulls too.

Blackbeard in wano

I think he will also want to get Strongest zoan devil fruit, which is believed to have been eaten by Kaido. ( I did a theory on battle vs kaido and I explained many reasons why Kaido has Mythical Dragon devil fruit. If you have spare time, you can check that theory out here Zoro and Luffy vs Hundred Beast Kadio.) I think Blackbeard is destined to fight with all three types of devil fruits against Luffy with All three types of Haki. We know Blackbeard is a guy who takes advantages of the situation.



In the end, it is pretty much clear that every yonko has reason to come to wano if the war of the wano begins. Whatever be the result we know that wano arc is going to be one of the greatest arcs in the history of One Piece. Almost every fan is waiting for the Yonko to enter the playground in which currently boys of the worst generation are playing.

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