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Welcome guys! Today I have another theory for you. I wanted to do this theory for months and finally, I have decided to write this theory. It is a theory about what might happen in Chapter 944 which we will read probably in a few months. Let’s get started

Look at the picture below

zoro death
Now, this a cover page of an older one piece chapters (784 to be exact). We all know Oda likes to foreshadow things using his cover pages. This cover page actually has a lot of details to be noticed. But the section catching most of our attention is Zoro and that skull mark on his back.

chapter 944 one piece

There are a lot of theories about How Zoro will die in chapter 944. I am not saying the other people are wrong. What they are guessing is totally Plausible because Oda has done this before with Ace. He foreshadowed Ace’s death in chapter 520 cover.

ace death foreshadow
However, I think that there are a lot of other things that this cover page might be foreshadowing. I would like them to discuss step by step.


zoro skull ultimo

Zoro’s T-Shirt in Cover

This picture shows Zoro wearing a T-shirt that has a skull-and-bones symbol on it. There is also ‘Ultimo’ and ‘Mejor’ written on it which means ‘last or previous month’ and ‘better and best’ respectively. If we consider the word better and best we have two persons. Kuina for better and Mihawk for Best. I won’t bore you by explaining the previous sentence. So my theory will basically revolve around these two characters. Mejor means ‘the last month’, it can be pointing towards either one of them. They both have had their share in Zoro’s past life.

I think this theory could be foreshadowing either one the following

  • Death of Dracule Mihawk in chapter 944, or
  • The return of Kuina in chapter 944

Death of Dracule Mihawk


mihawk's death


We can crosses everywhere on the cover page and one thing they might be symbolizing is Mihawk as in his boat, his sword, his castle everywhere we see this symbol. I did a theory on how all four yonko will arrive in wano. If you can see image below, skull symbol on the zombie next to Zoro looks like skulls on Blackbeard’s jolly roger though Blackbeard has three of them. It can represent someone allied with Blackbeard.


blackbeard skull

I think Shanks trusts Mihawk as much as anyone in his crew. Shanks might call Mihawk to wano for helping him fight with Blackbeard. Here he might die in the fight with Shiryu of the rain. Thus making Shiryu of the rain strongest swordsman. There are actually theories about Shiryu being a resident of wano. It is plausible because now that Mihawk has taught Zoro, It would not give a good impression if Zoro takes the title from Mihawk himself.

Return of Kuina


Honestly, I am on the side of this theory. Not only Mihawk stays alive in this theory but Kuina also comes back to the story. Now why I think Kuina would return? Because of the Zombies. Zombies are actually beings which are dead but are reanimated.  In this cover, there are a lot of zombies and it can symbolize the return of a dead character related to Zoro. Zombies in the cover can be seen carrying swords.

sanji with zombie

This image above may be :p symbolizing that returning one is actually a girl. First of all, Zoro did things like hell’s weightlifting and he still lost to Kuina and same Kuina died falling off from stairs. I mean a guy survives a bomb capable of wiping out a city and someone just died by falling off from stairs.

kuina death
one piece memes

I believe Kuina actually fled with Dragon when Dragon came to Shimontsuki Village (Its name of Zoro’s village). She went to Ivankov to change her gender. She did not do it to become a revolutionary and she did not do it primarily to become the world’s greatest swordsman. Kuina did it because she made a promise with Zoro and she went to fulfill her promise and get stronger by being a man. Kuina may come back in wano arc.

zoro kuina promise

Zoro only took Wado Ichimoji because he wants to take her sword and fulfill her dream by being World’s strongest swordsman. I think if Kuina returns in the story then Zoro will give Wado Ichimonji back to her. Nevertheless, He is eventually going to use all the Kitetsu swords in Story. So this is what I think may happen in chapter 944. We will find in the next few months.

There still is so much that can be taken from this cover page but I will stop here now.

What do you guys think? Tell us in comments.

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