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Here is a new theory regarding the World’s Strongest Swordsman Dracule “Hawk Eye” Mihawk. According to my theory, Hawk Eye Mihawk can be the next possible yonko, after the abolition of the Shichibukai system that will happen at Reverie. Now Why Mihawk would become a yonko? Let’s discuss

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As Fujitora explained in Dressrosa arc, his sole purpose of accepting navy’s invitation to become an admiral was to propose the abolition of Seven Warlord system at the Reverie or World Summit. After what happened with Alabasta, Dressrosa, Jimbei and Law, it is certain that World Government would consider the losses that occurred due to the treason of former Warlords.

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There are pretty good chances that Government would really take a step to abolish this old law. Thus, all warlords of the sea will again be wanted pirates. Mihawk is the best even among the warlords would not sit because he is a man who likes to do whatever he desires. Also by the time abolition of Shichibukai would take place, one or two yonko might have been dethroned by Luffy and he is less likely to claim this position.

What does it takes to be one of the four yonko?

In One Piece universe, being only strong does not make you a yonko, otherwise, characters like Rayleigh and Gaban would have been yonko too. To be a yonko One needs a crew, a territory and a bad or strong reputation. Blackbeard was labeled as yonko by Government after winning the war with remnants of Whitebeard pirates.

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Does Mihawk have what it takes to be a yonko?


Mihawk doesn’t have a crew yet but it doesn’t look like he will be alone forever. Currently, he has Perona with him and it is certain that all the humandrils or fighting baboons follow Mihawk’s orders. We have seen the power of those baboons who can beat a strong pirate of Worst Generation (Zoro) with ease. Also, some baboons are stronger than others like two baboons who copy Mihawk and Zoro. That makes One formidable army and it is certain that Mihawk has full control and command over them.

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Yonko One Piece

Since that start of One Piece, We’ve only seen Mihawk wandering in the Ocean to kill time. He doesn’t seem to have a specific goal. All he wants is Normal freedom and life in which he does as he pleases and that he gets being a warlord though things can change if he is stripped of his title then to meet his requirements we know that he would not think twice of claiming a territory of his own in which he can do as he pleases.


miawk shanks

Mihawk just like Whitebeard and Shanks, and has a Strong reputation unlike Blackbeard (in the beginning)  and other yonko who have a bad reputation. He is one of the few living legends in One Piece because he is the holder of the title of World’s Strongest Swordsman. He is rival of another yonko Red Hair Shanks and is considered to be on par with Shanks himself. This was stated by both Shanks and Whitebeard. Up until now, he is the only character that has not shown taking even a scratch on him.



Thus, being so strong and dangerous Hawk Eye is another candidate who can rise to power as one of the four yonko. Which is pretty much possible if he is stripped of his title of Royal Shichibukai.

With this, I end my theory. What do you guys think? Tell us in comments.

Thank You for Reading.

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