Kashin Koji and Jiraiya – Naruto / Boruto Theory

Kashin Koji is a member of a terrorist organization known as ‘Kara’. Now ever since Kashin Koji was shown in Boruto Manga, fans are going crazy about his appearance being similar to Jiraiya. Now a lot of fans are saying that Jiraiya never actually died and Kashin Koji himself is Jiraiya.


kashin koji and jiraiya

In manga, the author himself has given several hints. The hints were trivial and they blew our minds. To be honest, it seems to me like the author himself wants us to believe that Kashin Koji is Jiraiya. I mean Kashin Koji using the Rasengan, lines under his mask, summoning toads and him saying that his fate is linked to hidden leaf village.

kashin koji


Now, I don’t think Kashin Koji is same as Jiraiya, because of the following reasons. First of all, Jiraiya was old whereas Kashin Koji is very young as compared to Jiraiya and current story line is happening years after 4th Ninja War. Also Jiraiya’s death was symbolic and helped Naruto’s development and that was the same reason Kishimoto didn’t reanimate him in war. But it is for sure that Kashin Koji and Jiraiya are linked. Very first thought is Kashin Koji is Jiraiya’s son, and it is a very good speculation considering how so many years have passed after 4th Ninja war and not to forget that Jiraiya was a pervert who no one would ever doubt about having an illegitimate child out of the village.

Kashin Koji toad
Now did Jiraiya knew about Kashin Koji, I would say, Yes ! He did. There were reasons that Jiraiya was not in the hidden leaf village. He was godfather of naruto and he was not present in village. He often went out of village too. He denied the title of hokage and said he shouldn’t be one and it will be easy for him. It also explains the fact that Kashin Koji knows Rasengan because Jiraiya actually taught it to him. But in the end Jiraiya was loyal to hidden leaf village and returned to the village.

rasengan kashin koji
It is pretty clear that Kashin Koji is going to be one of the most important character in the story and he is definitely realated to Jiraiya, as far as I think he is probably his son. What do you guys think.

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