King and Diane’s new power-up – Seven Deadly Sins

With the end game coming soon with all the major players and plot points coming together, what will be the role of King and Diane’s in upcoming chapters of The Holy War? For as of now King and Diane are far too weak. So, what will be in the future of the Sin of Sloth and the Sin of Envy?


    The blessing of Tornado


        With the death of Sariel and Tarmiel what happened to their graces? Sariel had the blessing of Tornado which allowed him to control and produce powerful gusts of wind to slice through or blow people away. I think the perfect candidate for this grace would be King. With his small Fairy Wings now fully matured, King can now easily absorb this grace without getting his body destroyed. In addition to King’s Sacred Treasure Chastiefol, the blessing of Tornado will complement his strength magnificently. We have seen before that King’s sister Elane can produce powerful gusts of wind so I think it’s safe to say that fairies have a natural affinity for wind magic. King can easily master this blessing and if so he will be a beast in terms of magic power and strength.                                                     


    The blessing of Ocean


    Next we have the grace of ocean. Tarmiel’s grace allows him to liquefy his body in order to escape his enemies or render physical attacks as ineffective. He can also create a literal ocean to trap his opponents. I think this grace would go to Diane. As a Giant who can already do earth magic the ability to do water magic will help her immensely. Diane’s defense will skyrocket as physical attacks will be rendered useless.

  3. The Domain of God’s
    ( Sin’s Style)

     If the graces truly go to King and Diane we can safely speculate what will happen if they were to do a combo attack like Sariel and Tarmiel where they combine their graces to create a separate dimension of ocean and tornado.

What do you guys think? Do you guys think it is plausible?

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