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Hello guys, in this theory we are going to speculate the possible connection between Monkey D Dragon and the Wano country and what is in the future of the upcoming arc of Wano. First let’s talk about Ryuma.

Ryuma was a samurai from the Wano Country in the New World.

  • Ryu means Dragon.
  • The patterns on his Kimono bears a strong resemblance to Monkey D Dragon’s face tattoo.
  • 24 years ago, when Dragon appeared during Roger’s execution he did not have a face tattoo.

Monkey D Dragon

  • The kanji on Ryuma’s shoulder translates to Dragon most likely a reference to the dragon he killed in the past. It is most likely that he got that Kanji after slaying the Dragon and that it is a mark of respect in the Wano culture.

Dragon's tattoo

ryuma dragon



So why did Dragon get a face tattoo?


It may be a mark of resolve or it may be a sign of respect. I think that it may be both.

Speculation- About 20 years ago, the ruling Kozuki Family were dethroned. I believe that there was a civil war in Wano. Monkey D Dragon might have been there during that time. He might have tried to save/solve their problems. He might have helped the Kozuki Family and their followers and thus becoming a hero of wano like Ryuma. Lord Oden might have been impressed with Dragon. What Dragon knows about the pirate king Gol D Roger, we don’t know exactly. But seeing that Dragon was present during Roger’s execution he might have been interested in him.

wano 20 years ago

Also seeing that Dragon is a D. himself with an unwavering sense of justice, Lord Oden might have told him about Gol D Roger and the secret of Raftel and the World Government. Hearing about the secrets Dragon might have made up his mind to be a Revolutionary and pull down the Celestial Dragons from their power (strong similarity how Ryuma slew the Dragon terrorizing the people, and Monkey D. Dragon wanting to strip the Celestial Dragons of their power). Hearing Dragon’s determination Lord Oden might have wanted to bestow Dragon with the “symbol/sign/kanji of the dragon” like the one on Ryuma.

Dragon's motive

This symbol might symbolize as the sign of respect for Dragon but also symbolizes Dragon’s resolve. Lord Oden might also have requested Dragon to save some of his subjects/his followers in danger from the uprising. Dragon might have then safely transported them to east blue. Who were those people who Dragon saved then? Some of them might have been-

  1.  Koshiro and his family
  2.  Zoro

Why may Koshiro be from Wano country?

Koshiro is a Dojo Master of the Isshin Dojo in the Shimotsuki village of east blue but I believe he is originally from Wano.

Koshiro Kuina father

  •   Koshiro had the Wado Ichimonji which is one of the 21 Great Grade Swords.
  •   He is a skilled swordsman who knows how to cut steel.
  •   Koshiro is a believer that females are naturally weaker than their male counterparts and are therefore unsuitable to be warriors. A trait very common with the males of the Wano country.


Monkey D Dragon’s connection to Koshiro


Dragon and Koshiro

Why did the dojo help Dragon?


I think it is because Koshiro and Dragon know each other because of their mutual past from the Wano country. And due to the possibility that Dragon helped in the past.

Why Zoro?

Very highly possible. Like the last arc was the year of Sanji this arc is in favor of Zoro. Similarly how Sanji’s background was revealed, in this arc we will get to know Zoro’s true origin. When Oda was asked about origins of straw hats if they were in the real world, Oda said that Zoro would have come from Japan. In another SBS, Oda has told that Wano Kuni represents Japan in One Piece universe. Indirectly Oda has confirmed that Zoro is from Wano.

Zoro’s current age is 21. shogun took over Wano kingdom 20 years ago. So, when Dragon saved him from Wano he would have been 1 year old. Which also gives many hints for this speculation.


What can we expect from the Wano arc?

  1. Zoro origin.
  2. Luffy might learn about his mother. I personally think Luffy’s mom might have been from wano. She must have been a rebel whose thoughts must’ve matched with that of his. Dragon might have gotten married to her in Wano. Rescued her back to East Blue. And one year later, Luffy was born( Luffy’s current age is 19).
  3. Considering how the life of Luffy could have been in danger with either of them, Luffy was left with Garp. Because Dragon has been shown to care about Luffy and he even came to see him off when he was about to enter the grand line. We cannot assume that Dragon does not have any time for Luffy.
  4. Also, as one piece is about 75-80% complete, I think its high time Luffy learns about his Mom. Also during the first half of the Grand Line after 3 story sagas( Alabasta, Sky Island, Water 7) we got to know about Luffy’s Dad and Granddad. Similarly and also because Oda like parallels, in the 2nd half of the Grand line after 3 sagas( Fishman Island, Dressrosa, yonko saga) we can expect to know about Luffy’s mother.

What do you guys think? Please comment below.

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