Top ten Ships in One Piece

Here we are going to talk about the top ships in One Piece Universe. We have seen many ships and many of them are so well thought by Oda that we are sometimes surprised by those fictional ships. Let’s see which ships are best even among the countless numbers of ships.

10. Flying Dutchman


Flying Dutchman is a cursed ship which is unable to make port. It must wander in the endless sea. It is a haunted ship with many mysteries. Flying Dutchman was seen in Fishman island arc.

9. The Kuja Pirates Ship

Kuja ship

It is commanded by pirate empress Boa Hancock. It is pulled by two gigantic snakes. It is the only pirate ship which is able to sail in calm belt without any risk of attacking sea kings.

8. Thriller Bark


thriller bark
Largest ship of One Piece world is the thriller bark, this ship is so enormous that it is comparable to the size of island and has castles and graveyards on it. This ship is currently uninhabited and is roaming in Florian triangle region.

7. Moby Dick

moby dick

Although a little is known about this ship, it is said that this ship has accompanied whitebeard pirates in every single journey, this ship has also seen various wars including the great paramount war. Unfortunately, the main flagship moby dick was burned in paramount war.

6 Red Force

Red Force

Red Force is the ship which is commanded by none other than Red-haired Shanks, one of the yonko. The red force has a fierce look and considering the time that this ship took to reach marineford from the distant new world. This ship deserves this rank in this list.

5 Oro Jackson


Oro jackson

There is no denying that Oro Jackson is a legendary ship who has made her name throughout the world. Oro Jackson is one and only ship that has conquered the grand line and till now no ship has ever achieved this feat. This by far is the most successful ship in One Piece that has made Gol D Roger achieve his dream.


4 Thousand Sunny


Thousand Sunny

I was confused which one to put higher, Oro Jackson or Thousand Sunny since they are both made up of wood of Adam’s tree. But considering Thousand Sunny is more advanced and relatively newer we can safely say that it is better than Oro Jackson in everything except the fame.


3 Ark Maxim


Ancient weapon uranus

Ark Maxim is the name of Enel’s ship and it is one of the few ships that are able to fly but that is not the reason it is ranked this high. This ship is made up of Gold and it is prepared by the Divine Squad of Skypeians. With Enel’s power, this ship is capable enough to destroy all three islands of Sky Island. Island destroying abilities are only present in ancient weapons. Therefore this ship ranks high. There are chances that this ship may be related to Last ancient weapon Uranus.

2 Noah


ancient weapon poseidon

Noah is an enormous, probably the most gigantic ship ever shown in the One Piece universe. Noah is a carrier ship and has unknown origins. Noah was also created in the void century and can only be moved with help of Poseidon, yet another ancient weapon. Noah is almost half the size of the whole Fishman island. It ranks second because it is related to an ancient weapon and it must serve a great purpose ( will do a theory on it soon )

1 Pluton


Though nothing is known about the appearances and abilities of the Pluton, it is still the most dangerous ship present in the one piece universe. Pluton is an ancient weapon which is supposed to be a warship capable enough of destroying islands.

Pluton was previously created during the void century and now only blueprints of pluton exist in Franky’s brain. Without question, Pluton is most destructive ship in the One Piece universe.

Honorable Mentions

Going Merry

Mihawk’s Coffin Boat

Going Luffy Senpai


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