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In the Alabasta arc, Robin mentioned the existence of three ancient weapons which are Pluton, Poseidon and Uranus respectively which are linked to void century. Now in the story, we have had some hints about the two of them i.e Pluton and Poseidon but nothing is yet known about the third ancient weapon Uranus. In the story, Oda has dropped several hints and I will try to explain the possible existence of Uranus. I think Uranus has already been shown in the story. But first, let us discuss the first two weapons.


void century

Ancient Weapons Pluton and Poseidon

Pluton was the first ancient weapon to be mentioned in series. It is said to be a massive warship capable of destruction on a grand scale i.e. it can annihilate islands. Let’s note that pluton itself is a warship and an inanimate object. Pluton was created during the void century and was used for some unknown purpose which is the very threat to the current world government of One Piece. According to ancient Greek legends, Pluton was the ruler of Underworld.


ancient weapon pluton


On the other hand,  Poseidon is the mermaid princess Shirahoshi itself. She can control the Sea-kings. She like pluton is called as a weapon of Mass destruction by Nico Robin. It can also annihilate Islands. It is to be noted that Poseidon is also related to a ship called Noah. Noah is a massive ship which is constructed in such a way that it can be used using the power of Sea kings. According to the Greek legends, Poseidon was the ruler of Sea.


ancient weapon poseidon


Ancient Weapon Uranus

Now considering the two weapons, we can guess about Uranus too. First, according to Greek Mythology, Uranus was Ruler of Sky so we can say that Uranus is probably linked to Sky. Also as the two Ancient weapons are related to a ship so we can just assume that third weapon is also linked with a ship. Now we have two keywords. That is ship and sky.


Ancient weapon uranus


The only thing that comes to our mind from these keywords is Ark Maxim. Now Ark was a ship made by Noah mentioned in The Holy Bible and Maxim was the name of the throne of the ruler of the sky. Just like Noah is related to Poseidon, Ark Maxim may be related to Uranus. After landing on the moon, there were ancient pictures that Enel saw which showed Birkians, Shandorians and Skypeians. One is wearing a fish helmet (sea), one is wearing an antenna(sky) while the third one is wearing a normal helmet(let’s say underworld). The skypeian is shown with the antenna. The Enel actually got his ship constructed from Skypeians ‘Divine Squad’. That shows Ark Maxim can be linked to Uranus. Now, what is Uranus?

Enel on Moon

What is Uranus

The answer is, Uranus is either Ark Maxim or it is Goro Goro no mi or Rumble Rumble fruit. Pluton was a dead or inanimate object whereas Poseidon is alive. We can assume and say that Uranus can be something that is in between living and dead. Goro Goro no mi is an inanimate fruit which is required to be eaten by a living being. Out of these two, One is definitely Uranus. It was the same case with Noah and Shirahoshi.

enel Uranus


I believe it is goro goro no mi because it is ruler while Ark Maxim is the throne. Ark maxim cannot work without fruit. Just like Noah can’t be pulled without Shirahoshi. Nearly No sky island natives had devil fruit powers except Enel. Because his fruit was respawned there because it was last used in Sky during void century. It also gives a Raijin form to Enel which makes him the ruler of the sky.


sky island

Capabilities of Uranus


One more reason to believe to believe that Goro Goro no mi can actually be an ancient weapon ‘Uranus’ is that the extent of destruction it can cause. With Ark Maxim, it can also cause the destruction of the level that is caused by Ancient weapons. “Raigoh” was an attack generated by Enel through Maxim that was capable of destroying whole sky island which had three islands. Also, Robin has told that Goro Goro no mi is a fruit that is invincible. There are chances that current Ark Maxim is just a smaller version of Original Destructive Ark Maxim.

ancient weapon uranus

Though one of the reasons we don’t believe it is actually Luffy being Rubber and defeating Enel so casually. It might not be destructive for Luffy but it is dangerous for all others.

That was my theory. Please comment your views on this.

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