Smoker’s Infiltration in Wano – One Piece Theory

Wano arc has become really interesting now that Kaido’s powers have been shown. Kaido being a dragon was a well-discussed topic in One Piece community. Now People are starting to discuss the probability of Zoro fighting against kaido alongside Luffy which we already predicted in our own theory One year ago ( Zoro and Luffy vs Hundred Beast Kaido).

somker in wano

Now, people are wondering that who will fight Jack. I think it will be Smoker. Smoker will enter wano ignoring Akainu’s orders. Smoker was seen as a proud marine in Loguetown who ignored Orders from headquarters and entered the grand line. Same will happen in Wano.
Since Smoker already knows where Luffy is headed, he will try to corner him in wano.

smoker in wano
Also, the epithet “White Hunter” is used for the hunters who hunt Elephants. The Great White Hunter was famous for hunting down elephants. This might be a hint that Smoker will take down Jack in Wano.

smoker vs jack
In the Punk Hazard arc, It was shown that Luffy has surpassed Smoker’s level and Smoker is now weak so I am pretty sure that Jack will be the best opponent for Smoker to fight while Luffy and Zoro will fight Kaido.

smoker vs jack
It will be an interesting turn of events when Akainu will get to know about this. This may also be a linchpin to the time in which some marines such as Fujitora, Garp, Coby, Smoker, Tashigi and T-Bone will rebel against the World Government.

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