Zoro’s stolen sword – One Piece Theory

One Piece chapter 935 is out and people are going crazy. Mysterious guy in the prison is called Kawamatsu, fans just can’t get enough of it and they want more. While the story is gradually picking up the pace in one piece manga, there was an interesting turn of events. One of Zoro’s sword was stolen. Which one? We still don’t know but I think We have an idea, which one.

zoro sword stolen

While most people are thinking that someone (probably the witching hour boy) has stolen shusui which is the national treasure of wano kuni, I don’t think it is Shusui which was stolen. I think the sword that was stolen is none other than the wado ichimonji. I will explain why wado ichimonji might be the sword that is stolen.

What I think is that, this theft is related to what is going to happen in chapter 944, one which I have already done a theory which you guys can check here. I have explained how Kuina might be alive and come back in chapter number 944 using the cover pic given below.
zoro death
There might be a chance that one who has stolen the sword of Zoro is Kuina, and she has stolen it because it was her sword when she fought zoro and now she will meet him again for a duel. We know that wado ichimoji is the most priced possession Zoro has. Chapter 944 may show Kuina with wado ichimonji.

Kuina may be living in wano kuni as a samurai so she can fulfill her promise of becoming the best swordsman in the world. Now that zoro is here she is going to fight him but this she wants to do with the same sword she last used against him. There can also be a chance that Kuina is witching hour boy. What do you guys think about this possibility? Please comment on your views. Thank you for reading.

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